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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sorry It's Late!!!

Good morning!!
I wanted to post my look from yesterday today.  I had a very dear friend come to my house & we spent the day together.  She is going through a little bit of something (well not little ~ it's big) and needed to get away for the day.  We went out to lunch, and walked around the mall & laughed a lot.  It was a great day!  Then I went to Bible study last night & the message was about "What's Your Passion?".  Now, anyone who knows me knows what my passion is ~ and that's music & singing.  I was telling someone yesterday that before I became a believer, I loved to sing but it was just this thing I did.  Now, I know this is a God-given gift & I need to use it for His glory.  I am leading worship this Sunday for the first time ever & even though I am a little nervous, I am so incredibly excited!!  Worship is what I was born to do.

Now, on to the LOTD!!!
Face ~ Prep:

  • Used Cosmedicine Medi-Matte Lotion w/SPF 20
  • Rare Minerals Eye Cream
  • Clinique Even Better w/SPF 15
  • Benefit That Gal Brightening Primer

  • Meow Pampered Puss Foundation in Inquisitive Himalayan
  • Mix of Heatheresque Cashmere Stockings 1 & Meow Crystalline Cat Glow
  • Blush ~ Smashbox Soft Lights Quad in Luminary

  • MAC Universal Mix Loose Pigment - lash to browbone
  • MAC Blue Brown Loose Pigment - crease & Outer Vee (oh, how I LOVE this color)
  • Aromaleigh Re-Gifted from the Holiday Blast Collection - Middle of lid right above the iris
  • Lashes - I used the Cargo Mascaras again.  LashActivator first, two thin coats, and then Blu_Ray XD, both in Black.

On my lips I used Kat Von D Lightening Sheer Lip Gloss in Saint.  This is a gorgeous sheer crystal with gold flecks & is very flattering.

I don't think the Inquisitive Himalayan was a good match for me either.  I couldn't get it to cover the red at all and I must have put like 3-4 layers on.  The Cashmere Stockings/Cat Glow powder combo matched better than the Himalayan.  But I loved the colors on my eyes, especially the MAC Blue Brown.  It's a gorgeous duochrome (to me) that shifts from a glimmery deep coffee brown to a pretty oceanic blue.  The MAC Universal Mix looks like a duochrome to me too, shifting from creamy french vanilla to the palest of greens with rich shimmer.  Re-Gifted is a knock-your-socks-off blast of clear, bright metallic gold.

What do you think of the foundation color on me??  Have you tried MAC's Blue Brown?  What do YOU think of it??

Until next time, my lovelies, ponder on what your passion is ~ and chase after it!!

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