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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

French & Fabulous

Oh, the wonders that you can find in unexpected places.  I took a trip to Nordstroms Rack & what wonders my eyes did see!!!  There was so much, but unfortunately, with me being off work on disability, I couldn't get "so much".  So I picked up a couple things that were an absolute steal & I completely couldn't pass them up.  Check it out!!!!

I picked up this little gem, Stila's 24kt Lip Gloss in a gorgeous color with MORE than sufficient sparkle ~ Brilliant Pink.  Oh, she was shiny, shimmery & so girly.  I put her on my lips immediately:

Pretty, yes??  She's not as intense on as she is in the tube.  And, she let me pick her up for only $8 ~ so, yeah, she was kinda cheap.

I also picked up a wondermous palette from Too Faced ~ French & Fabulous Majestic Makeup Collection.  And let me tell you, it's pretty fabulous.  Wanna see pictures & swatches??  *giggle* I knew you would....

Isn't it purtiful?!?!  I am so not a fan of pressed shadows, so I'm not sure what possessed me to get this.  However, when I got it home & opened it, then swatched everything (I did not use a primer ~ I did it on my bare skin)...oh, let me tell you..I was pretty stoked!!!

I think my favorites in this little palette are: Totally Toasted Beige & Brown, Ooh & Aah Black & surprisingly enough, Sun Bunny Bronzer.  Now you, gentle reader, know that I am paler than pale.  I call it "porcelain skinned" but that's beside the point.  And I kind of like being pale ~ which is a good thing because I have never been able to tan naturally & think fake tanning just looks gross.  But this Sun Bunny Bronzer is actually perfect for my skin tone.  Not too dark or too orange, it gives just an "oomph" of color.  I love it!!  I was able to pick this up for $9 ~ it was originally $28.

If you have a Nordstroms Rack near you, I highly suggest taking a trip there.  I found so many good deals on beauty products.  Here is a list of what I saw at my local Rack:
  • Stila
  • Too Faced
  • Smashbox
  • Paula Dorf
  • Bliss
  • Philosophy
  • NV Perricone
  • DDF
  • Peter Thomas Roth
I'm going back in the next few days to get some of the Philosophy 3-in-1's they had ~ The Milkman, Falling In Love, Candy Cane & Lemonade.

Stay tuned for my LOTD using my French & Fabulous palette!!!
Good night, my lovelies!!!

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