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Thursday, July 29, 2010

And I Think To Myself ~ What A Wonderful Haul

Today I received some highly anticipated packages.  The first being my order from Hi-Fi Cosmetics on etsy & the second package contained a bottle of my very own Hidden Treasure!  So, enough with me talking your ear off....let's just look at the pretty pictures, shall we?

You can see the different layers of colors in the bottle.  The "glitter" isn't round at all but more like a flake, like that gold leaf stuff that tears really easy & you have to apply with tweezers and an orangewood stick.  It is so gorgeous I can't even explain it.  It truly looks like a fire opal, with layers of fiery rose gold, gorgeous green sheen & a hint of turquoise.  I want another bottle or two so I never run out. *le sigh*
Now for my new eye goodies.  I ordered these from Veronica, who is the owner & operator of Hi-Fi.  I had heard such good things over at Phyrra's blog about this company & the beauty of her colors.  She recently had a buy 5 get 5 free offer, so in went my first order.  It did take a little bit of time for my order to get here, but long handling, processing & shipping times are the norm when she has sales of any kind.  And I was just impatient to see my new jewels in person.  She is a one-woman show, and now I understand.  I got the following colors  & the descriptions of the colors are from her shop:
  • Eclipsed the Sun - an amazing red-gold color shifter
  • Fear The Nobodies - a metallic olive shade with a bronzey undertone. LOTS of shimmer!
  • Disco - an opaque white with tons of multi-colored shimmer!
  • Your Disease - a deep green with an eerie rose duochrome. Very unique and beautiful!
  • Let It Snow - reminds me of stepping outside first thing in the morning, after it has snowed all night, and seeing the crystalline blanket of snow glittering in the sun. This color is super sparkly and absolutely amazing!
  • Suicide Trees - a deep, metallic teal on an opaque black base! As beautiful as it is dark and ominous!
  • Black Magic - an ultra-shimmery gunmetal gray with glimmering hologram sparkles! AMAZING!
  • Devil's Daughter - an extremely sparkly, metallic silver. This color has an INSANE amount of shimmer and hologram sparkles! You have to see it to believe it!!!
  • Bounce - a sparkling purple with glimmering pink undertones
  • Morbid Faith - a whimsical shade with turquoise, purple, and blue shifts of color. Top it all off with a refreshing burst of aqua sparkle!
I also got two free samples.  Veronica graciously blessed me with the following:
  • Spotlight Lip Glaze in Salem's Lot - With black hologram sparkles. :) 
  • Eye Glitz in No Need For Tears - is a sparkling extravaganza for your eyes!! This is a very concentrated glitter gel that will totally rock any look! Apply a very small amount over any eyeshadow (or directly on the lid) and go GLAM!

So now, without further ado, here are the pics!!!

The next two pics were taken inside with flash

The next two pics were taken outside in sunlight with no flash

Don't they just look yummy!!!  I think my favorites so far know, honestly I can't pick just one.  I can't wait to wear them all!!  I will be doing a LOTD tomorrow with a few of these colors, so rest assured, gentle reader, I will be posting it.

So until next time, my lovelies, remember that it's ok to take a day & just rest.  Maybe take a nap, watch a sappy movie, eat ice cream, go for a walk in the cool of the morning or do absolutely nothing at all.  Take a "YOU" day ~ you deserve it!!!

Much love & big hugs!!!


  1. Oh my! The hidden treasure's polish is so pretty! I keep going into stores hoping to find it but it just hasn't been there yet. I have purchased a Nu-Fu oh polish for the flakes. It makes all of your different polishes new again! :o) Also those hi-fi samples look great, I can see why you have a hard time finding a favorite!
    Those samples look pretty big too. I will have to check out the Hi-fi site. If you don't mind me asking, where did you find the hidden treasures polish?
    Thank you!

  2. The samples are huge!!! I was very pleasantly surprised. I actually got the Hidden Treasure polish on eBay ~ paid a bit for it but it was so worth it. That polish is totally gorge!!!

  3. Hey Blue my bad...the jars that I got from Hi-Fi were actually full size. Veronica was having a huge sale & was offering a buy 5/get 5 free special on full sizes. LOL That's why they look so full. Sorry for the confusion!!!

  4. Great swatches, but your music scared the CRAP outta me. LMAO I LOVE Hi-Fi!

  5. LMAO Wendi I am sooooo sorry!!!
    Hi-Fi is the shizz & so is Veronica....