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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ROFL With A Phantoma Hacker

Hi Everyone!!
Welcome to Day 3 of my foundation experiment.  I wasn't entirely happy with my look today ~ I don't know why.  I found out this morning that a very dear friend is in CCU & I went to go see her with my best friend Andrea today.  She was admitted with pneumonia & some sort of infection (the doctors still don't know what exactly is wrong with her).  Now this woman has battled lupus, cancer & raising her two grandchildren & has done it all with grace & dignity.  She's a fighter & a survivor and I love her dearly.  But what I saw in the hospital room today scared the crap out of me.  Would you join me in prayer that God heals her as He has before; she has so much more to share with the world.

Now, on to Day 3....
Starting with my moisturizers, I used Cosmedicine Medi-Matte Oil Control Lotion on my T-zone.  Then I used Clinique Even Better Moisturizer with SPF 25 on my cheeks.  I used BE Rare Minerals eye cream all over, upper/lower lid.  Then to finish, I used Benefit That Gal Brightening Primer.


  • Meow Pampered Puss foundation in Sleek Himalayan
  • A Mix of Heatheresque Cashmere Stocking Level 1 and Meow Crystalline Cat Glow finishing powder
  • Smashbox Soft Lights Quad in Luminary for cheeks

  • On brows I used Smashbox Brow Tech in Brunette/Taupe
  • Lid to browbone I used Meow Jamba Fruit Dove from the Rainforest Collection
  • Crease & Outer Vee I used Meow ROFL with Meow Hacker over it (both from the Wild Child collection)
  • Middle third of lid I used BT DUBS from Wild Child
  • Inside third of lid I used Phantoma Glow from the Rainforest Collection
  • To line upper lash line I used Smashbox Untamed Waterproof Shadow Liner Trio in Exotic (deep purple color)

I don't know why I wasn't happy with my eyes today.  I guess because I had to layer two purples and it still didn't have the intensity I wanted.  *sigh* Who knows....

The mascaras I used today were from Cargo.  I applied LashActivator first, two very thin coats.  then I applied Blu_Ray XD.  I really really like Cargo's mascaras and the LashActivator really does make your lashes grow (I think the RM Eye Cream does too, but that's my own personal experience).  And I dig the brushes on them as well ~ they're almost like combs.

On my lips, I used Buxom Diamond in Celeste.  I haven't used this color in a while & I forgot how pretty it is.  And it kinds does plump up my chicken lips.

What do you think about this color foundation??  I'm not sure if I like it.  To my eye, it almost accentuates the pink/red in my skin.  I have to say though, I am in LOVE with the formulation of these foundations.  They apply like an absolute dream and it doesn't need to be buffed into the skin to get the coverage that I need.  It does help mattify my very oily skin.  What do you think of today's eye colors?  Have you tried Cargo's mascaras?  Do you like them??  Let me know!!!

Until tomorrow, my lovelies, remember to let those dear to you know that you love them.  And give them an extra long hug tonight.


  1. Hi Hon!!!

    I think your eyes look AMAZING!!! I need to start playing with color more when it comes to my eyes! I organized all my BE and other makeup yesterday and I completely forgot about most of the colors that I have. But now that they are in one place and all easy to see I think I need to start playing!!! :)

  2. I definitely think you need to start playing with brighter colors as well!! I never ever thought I would be able to wear bold colors, let alone brave enough to go out in public with them. I would love to see a pic of you with a bright, bold eye.
    And thank you honey!!