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Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's a Meow Kind of Day!!

So, this will be a VERY short post.  I just wanted to let all of you know (and please share this with your friends) that Tammy over at Meow Cosmetics is having a super huge sale in celebration of their 4-year anniversary/birthday!!!!  From now until Monday, August 2nd, use code: HappyBdayMeow to get 30% off your entire order!  She has never done a sale to this extreme so strike while the iron's hot ~ I did!!!!

May God bless you abundantly today!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's A Tenacious Beckoning

I've recently picked up a couple of L'Oreal HIP High Intensity Pigments.  I've never tried their pigments before, and I was curious as to how they looked & applied.  Several beauty editors, I've read, love these pigments and put them in the same class as MAC.  Now, I wouldn't go that far but I was pleasantly surprised when I tried them.  Have a look:


  • Meow Cosmetics Pampered Puss Foundation in Sleek Chausie
  • Aromaleigh Ultra-Resolution Finishing Powder in Peaches & Cream/Clear mix
  • Smashbox Soft Lights Quad in Luminary as blush

  • Urban Decay Eden Eyeshadow Primer all over lid
  • I used L'Oreal HIP Pigments in Tenacious all over lid (lashline to brow bone)
  • Then I used Tarte Lock & Roll Creaseless E/S Duo in Citrine (the loose side) over Tenacious
  • I used L'Oreal HIP Pigments in Beckoning in crease & outer vee
  • Then I patted on Tarte Lock & Roll in Tourquoise (the loose powder side) in the middle of my lid
  • I also lined my lower lash line with Beckoning

I also recently purchased a new mascara ~ Stila Convertible mascara in Black.  This mascara is awesome!!  It's like Blinc Kiss Me mascara in that it forms tubes around your lashes.  It's dual ended with a normal spoolie brush on one end, and a skinny spoolie brush on the other end.  So I did something that I don't normally do.  I put mascara on my lower lashes.  I have very oily skin & eyelids, so I rarely use mascara on my lower lashes because it smudges & smears & I look like a raccoon by mid-day.  But with Stila's, I didn't.  And the skinny spoolie brush made it so easy to apply to those lashes & it still looked great at the end of the day.  I highly recommend it!!!

So what do you think of today's look??  Have you tried HIP Pigments or Tarte Lock & Roll?  Do you like them?  Tell me all about it in the comments!!

Until next time, my lovelies.....

And I Think To Myself ~ What A Wonderful Haul

Today I received some highly anticipated packages.  The first being my order from Hi-Fi Cosmetics on etsy & the second package contained a bottle of my very own Hidden Treasure!  So, enough with me talking your ear off....let's just look at the pretty pictures, shall we?

You can see the different layers of colors in the bottle.  The "glitter" isn't round at all but more like a flake, like that gold leaf stuff that tears really easy & you have to apply with tweezers and an orangewood stick.  It is so gorgeous I can't even explain it.  It truly looks like a fire opal, with layers of fiery rose gold, gorgeous green sheen & a hint of turquoise.  I want another bottle or two so I never run out. *le sigh*
Now for my new eye goodies.  I ordered these from Veronica, who is the owner & operator of Hi-Fi.  I had heard such good things over at Phyrra's blog about this company & the beauty of her colors.  She recently had a buy 5 get 5 free offer, so in went my first order.  It did take a little bit of time for my order to get here, but long handling, processing & shipping times are the norm when she has sales of any kind.  And I was just impatient to see my new jewels in person.  She is a one-woman show, and now I understand.  I got the following colors  & the descriptions of the colors are from her shop:
  • Eclipsed the Sun - an amazing red-gold color shifter
  • Fear The Nobodies - a metallic olive shade with a bronzey undertone. LOTS of shimmer!
  • Disco - an opaque white with tons of multi-colored shimmer!
  • Your Disease - a deep green with an eerie rose duochrome. Very unique and beautiful!
  • Let It Snow - reminds me of stepping outside first thing in the morning, after it has snowed all night, and seeing the crystalline blanket of snow glittering in the sun. This color is super sparkly and absolutely amazing!
  • Suicide Trees - a deep, metallic teal on an opaque black base! As beautiful as it is dark and ominous!
  • Black Magic - an ultra-shimmery gunmetal gray with glimmering hologram sparkles! AMAZING!
  • Devil's Daughter - an extremely sparkly, metallic silver. This color has an INSANE amount of shimmer and hologram sparkles! You have to see it to believe it!!!
  • Bounce - a sparkling purple with glimmering pink undertones
  • Morbid Faith - a whimsical shade with turquoise, purple, and blue shifts of color. Top it all off with a refreshing burst of aqua sparkle!
I also got two free samples.  Veronica graciously blessed me with the following:
  • Spotlight Lip Glaze in Salem's Lot - With black hologram sparkles. :) 
  • Eye Glitz in No Need For Tears - is a sparkling extravaganza for your eyes!! This is a very concentrated glitter gel that will totally rock any look! Apply a very small amount over any eyeshadow (or directly on the lid) and go GLAM!

So now, without further ado, here are the pics!!!

The next two pics were taken inside with flash

The next two pics were taken outside in sunlight with no flash

Don't they just look yummy!!!  I think my favorites so far know, honestly I can't pick just one.  I can't wait to wear them all!!  I will be doing a LOTD tomorrow with a few of these colors, so rest assured, gentle reader, I will be posting it.

So until next time, my lovelies, remember that it's ok to take a day & just rest.  Maybe take a nap, watch a sappy movie, eat ice cream, go for a walk in the cool of the morning or do absolutely nothing at all.  Take a "YOU" day ~ you deserve it!!!

Much love & big hugs!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A New Couch!!

I got a beautiful elegant comfortable new couch yesterday.  My husband oversees operations & such at an apartment complex in El Cajon.  The complex had a model unit until yesterday when they had to get it ready for a new renter.  Hubby & his boss were talking about it, and his boss offered to give us the couch that was in the model unit.  For free!!!  A $700 couch for free!!  Check it out:

And see ~ it is Stella approved :)
Now on to the LOTD that I promised you yesterday!!

  • Meow Pampered Puss Foundation in Sleek Chausie
  • Aromaleigh Ultra-Resolution Finishing Powder in a mix of Clear & Peaches and Cream
  • Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer for blush from the French & Fabulous Palette
I went outside my norm for my eyes.  I mean, I do bright colors on my eyes, but I do it in a way that looks natural if that makes sense.  Even when I use bright or bold colors, Ivan always tells me that it looks as if I'm not wearing any make-up at all.  But today I went for something bold & smoky.

  • On brows, I used my Smashbox Brow Tech in Brunette
  • The primer I used was Urban Decay Eden.  I picked up a trial size of this at Sephora for $8!!
  • I used Too Faced Poodle Puff Pink from lash to browbone.
  • I used Too Faced Poodle Puff Raisin all over lid to just under the crease.
  • In the crease, outer vee & lined on lower lash line I used Too Faced Ooh & Aah Black.
  • For a pop of color, I used Fyrinnae Delvian in the middle of my lid right above my iris.

Oh!!!  On my lashes I used Cargo's Lash Activator & Dior Extase Mascaras.  The Lash Activator is helping grow lashes again.  Dior Extase is possibly one of the best mascaras I've ever tried.  The Sephora website says about this phenomenal mascara:

What it does:
DiorShow Extase provides built-in treatment benefits and high-impact lashes in a single stroke! The spherical-shaped Black Pearl Pigments create a 3D volume effect and the exclusive Metamorphosis Powders expand in size by up to 50% after application. Also, SR38 Patented Ceramid brings additional care, reconstructing damaged lashes and promoting stronger and fuller lashes.

What else you need to know:
The Extase mascara features a "Tiered Brush" that is inspired by the "tiered" couture dresses created by the House of Dior. The brush is designed for performance and contains an Exclusive Duo of Fibers: The Black Elastomer Fibers brush out and define the lashes for panoramic fringe and the Gold Nylon Fibers hold and deposit formula, generously coating each lash for outstanding volume.

The brush is really cool, and in my opinion, helps curl my lashes too.  And as you, gentle reader, know that is my never-ending quest.  To find an excellent mascara that helps to curl my really really straight lashes.  My Shu Uemura curler is never out of my sight & curls excellently, but I need a good mascara to help hold that curl & maybe curl it a little smidge more.  I think Extase does that, at least for me.  Well worth the $28 price tag.

On my lips, I used my brand new Stila 24kt Lip Gloss in Brilliant Pink.  I actually got a lot of stranger compliments on this gloss.  It was bright, but not too bright that I looked ridiculous.  And while this gloss is super glittery, you can't feel the glitter at all on your lips.  It applies very smooth & is quite shiny with just one coat.

What do you think of today's look?  Have you tried Dior Extase?  Do you have a favorite mascara?  Tell me, my lovelies!!  Tell me your secrets!!!

Until tomorrow, take a look around you today.  Instead of dwelling on what you don't have & wanting more, more more ~ take a moment and remember to be grateful for what you do have.  Especially the intangible things.  There are so many people, in your community & in mine, who would be so happy with half of the "stuff" we have.  Be thankful for your family, friends, the roof over your head, the hot shower in your bathroom, the pillow on the warm bed you get to sleep in every night & the clean underwear in your drawer.  I can remember a time in my life when I had none of that, and I try to remember that time when I start taking those things for granted.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

French & Fabulous

Oh, the wonders that you can find in unexpected places.  I took a trip to Nordstroms Rack & what wonders my eyes did see!!!  There was so much, but unfortunately, with me being off work on disability, I couldn't get "so much".  So I picked up a couple things that were an absolute steal & I completely couldn't pass them up.  Check it out!!!!

I picked up this little gem, Stila's 24kt Lip Gloss in a gorgeous color with MORE than sufficient sparkle ~ Brilliant Pink.  Oh, she was shiny, shimmery & so girly.  I put her on my lips immediately:

Pretty, yes??  She's not as intense on as she is in the tube.  And, she let me pick her up for only $8 ~ so, yeah, she was kinda cheap.

I also picked up a wondermous palette from Too Faced ~ French & Fabulous Majestic Makeup Collection.  And let me tell you, it's pretty fabulous.  Wanna see pictures & swatches??  *giggle* I knew you would....

Isn't it purtiful?!?!  I am so not a fan of pressed shadows, so I'm not sure what possessed me to get this.  However, when I got it home & opened it, then swatched everything (I did not use a primer ~ I did it on my bare skin)...oh, let me tell you..I was pretty stoked!!!

I think my favorites in this little palette are: Totally Toasted Beige & Brown, Ooh & Aah Black & surprisingly enough, Sun Bunny Bronzer.  Now you, gentle reader, know that I am paler than pale.  I call it "porcelain skinned" but that's beside the point.  And I kind of like being pale ~ which is a good thing because I have never been able to tan naturally & think fake tanning just looks gross.  But this Sun Bunny Bronzer is actually perfect for my skin tone.  Not too dark or too orange, it gives just an "oomph" of color.  I love it!!  I was able to pick this up for $9 ~ it was originally $28.

If you have a Nordstroms Rack near you, I highly suggest taking a trip there.  I found so many good deals on beauty products.  Here is a list of what I saw at my local Rack:
  • Stila
  • Too Faced
  • Smashbox
  • Paula Dorf
  • Bliss
  • Philosophy
  • NV Perricone
  • DDF
  • Peter Thomas Roth
I'm going back in the next few days to get some of the Philosophy 3-in-1's they had ~ The Milkman, Falling In Love, Candy Cane & Lemonade.

Stay tuned for my LOTD using my French & Fabulous palette!!!
Good night, my lovelies!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Perfect Match & A Stormy Mood

Hello Lovelies!!
I am just beginning to wind down from a wonderful day.  My godson Daniel spent the night last night & went with me to my Women's Ministry monthly breakfast.  Despite the fact of getting completely soaked outside by the hose & a couple of waterguns, he was well-behaved & very respectful to the other ladies.  He is the closest thing I have to being a mom (besides Stella) and I love spending time with him.  And having him come over last night gave my BBFF Andrea & her boyfriend Blake (who also happens to be Daniel's daddy) the opportunity to go on an honest-to-goodness adult date.  I'm so blessed to have them be a part of my life :)
Now on to the Crack....

I have found my HG, absolutely perfect, made-for-me foundation & finishing powder!!!!  Meow Cosmetics Sleek Chausie is my perfect match.  It gives me the most flawless, even and smooth skin.  It definitely gives me that look of MSBB (my skin but better!).  I tried the following shades from Meow (all in the Pampered Puss formulation):

  • Inquisitive & Sleek Himalayan
  • Inquisitive & Sleek Siamese
  • Inquisitive & Sleek Chausie
  • Inquisitive & Sleek Sphynx
I knew the instant I put on the Sleek Chausie that this was the foundation I have been looking for.  I am so excited to purchase the full size now!
I have also found my HG finishing powder.  It is a combo of Aromaleigh Ultra-Resolution Finishing Powder in Peaches & Cream and Clear.  This powder is amazing!!!  Diffusion of lines, softening of pores & an overall flawless look ~ this stuff does it all!!  Will be picking up several full sizes in both of these colors.

And, since I haven't posted a LOTD in a is one for ya!!

  • Meow Pampered Puss in Sleek Chausie
  • Aromaleigh Ultra-Resolution Finishing Powder in Peaches & Cream
  • Tarte Eco-Cheek Natural Cheek Stain

Eyes (please excuse my bare eyebrows ~ I completely forgot to do them):
  • BE Prime Time Eye Primer all over lid.
  • Lumiere Milk & Cookies E/S from the 2008 Holiday Collection
  • Lumiere Stormy Night in crease & outer vee
  • Lumiere Moody right above Stormy Night - crease & outer vee
  • Lumiere Turquoise in middle of lid right above iris
  • Cargo Lash Activator Mascara
  • Cargo Blu_Ray XD Mascara

I like Lumiere Cosmetics.  They have some really great eye shadows & their foundation is great too.  My friend, Kim, does all of the company's product photography for their website & makes the colors look so scrumptious!!

So, have you ever tried Lumiere?  Do you like them?  If you haven't go to and check them out.

Until later.....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sorry It's Late!!!

Good morning!!
I wanted to post my look from yesterday today.  I had a very dear friend come to my house & we spent the day together.  She is going through a little bit of something (well not little ~ it's big) and needed to get away for the day.  We went out to lunch, and walked around the mall & laughed a lot.  It was a great day!  Then I went to Bible study last night & the message was about "What's Your Passion?".  Now, anyone who knows me knows what my passion is ~ and that's music & singing.  I was telling someone yesterday that before I became a believer, I loved to sing but it was just this thing I did.  Now, I know this is a God-given gift & I need to use it for His glory.  I am leading worship this Sunday for the first time ever & even though I am a little nervous, I am so incredibly excited!!  Worship is what I was born to do.

Now, on to the LOTD!!!
Face ~ Prep:

  • Used Cosmedicine Medi-Matte Lotion w/SPF 20
  • Rare Minerals Eye Cream
  • Clinique Even Better w/SPF 15
  • Benefit That Gal Brightening Primer

  • Meow Pampered Puss Foundation in Inquisitive Himalayan
  • Mix of Heatheresque Cashmere Stockings 1 & Meow Crystalline Cat Glow
  • Blush ~ Smashbox Soft Lights Quad in Luminary

  • MAC Universal Mix Loose Pigment - lash to browbone
  • MAC Blue Brown Loose Pigment - crease & Outer Vee (oh, how I LOVE this color)
  • Aromaleigh Re-Gifted from the Holiday Blast Collection - Middle of lid right above the iris
  • Lashes - I used the Cargo Mascaras again.  LashActivator first, two thin coats, and then Blu_Ray XD, both in Black.

On my lips I used Kat Von D Lightening Sheer Lip Gloss in Saint.  This is a gorgeous sheer crystal with gold flecks & is very flattering.

I don't think the Inquisitive Himalayan was a good match for me either.  I couldn't get it to cover the red at all and I must have put like 3-4 layers on.  The Cashmere Stockings/Cat Glow powder combo matched better than the Himalayan.  But I loved the colors on my eyes, especially the MAC Blue Brown.  It's a gorgeous duochrome (to me) that shifts from a glimmery deep coffee brown to a pretty oceanic blue.  The MAC Universal Mix looks like a duochrome to me too, shifting from creamy french vanilla to the palest of greens with rich shimmer.  Re-Gifted is a knock-your-socks-off blast of clear, bright metallic gold.

What do you think of the foundation color on me??  Have you tried MAC's Blue Brown?  What do YOU think of it??

Until next time, my lovelies, ponder on what your passion is ~ and chase after it!!