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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Zoya Color Spoons ~ Pictures & Review

Good evening!!!  How are you, my lovelies??  If you'll remember my post about Zoya's new Color Spoons, I said I would post once I received them.  I received them a few days ago, and oh my Jonas they are exquisite!!  Without further ado, I'll share the visual goodness with you!!

I Must warn you, this will be a picture heavy post.  But I have to show you these colors' deliciousness.

The following pictures are of the actual spoons on my middle finger.  They are perfect for seeing how a particular color will look with your skin tone.

What do you think of the colors I chose??  I chose all of the colors from the Reverie collection (Laney, Reece, Happi, Gwin, Adina, Lana) because that one is my favorite.  Which of these colors is YOUR favorite?  Will you be ordering some Color Spoons?  Tell me in the comments!!


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