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Monday, September 27, 2010

I've been using a lot of Aromaleigh eye shadows lately.  I don't know if it's because Kristen is closing or I'm just hungry for complex, beautiful colors.  So for today's look, I thought I would just stick to pinks & purples.


  • Stila One Step Color Correcting & Brightening Serum (OMG this stuff is awesome, amazing, astounding)
  • Meow Pampered Puss foundation in Sleek Chausie
  • Aromaleigh Ultra Resolution Finishing Powder in Translucent

I haven't been wearing blush the past few weeks & I don't know why.  I just haven't had an urge to put it on.  Some days I think I look better without it.
I wanted to do these pictures a little blurry so you could see the sparkly goodness of all the colors I chose, especially Passionfruit.


  • Bare Escentuals High Shine Charisma lash to browbone
  • Orglamix Passionfruit inner third of lid, inner V & tear duct
  • Aromaleigh Clara (from the En Pointe collection) patted onto middle & outer third of lid 

I used Aromaleigh's Soul Takes Flight in the crease & outer V.  I know this isn't immediately thought of as a purple, but as the light catches it, I think it appears a sparked aubergine.  Soul Takes Flight is from the Les Papillons collection & is one of my favorite colors.  This color is very similar to Elegie from the En Pointe collection, also another favorite.

I really think that purple makes my hazel eyes pop.  Purple is at the opposite spectrum of green, and makeup experts believe that the use of this color, applied as close to the iris as possible, makes a huge impact on actual eye color & how vivid your iris appears.  I would tend to agree, not that I'm an expert or anything.
I used Stila Convertible Mascara & Clinique's High Impact Curling Mascara to finish this look off.

What do you think of these colors??  Do you think they make my eyes appear more green??  Have you ever tried Orglamix?  What do you think of them?  Let me know in the comments!!!


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