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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Absolutely Genius!!!!

Hello my lovelies!!  I know it's been a while since I've posted ~ I just haven't been feeling myself lately.  So sorry about that.
I know that I have mostly blogged about makeup, cosmetics & cosmetic related products.  You, gentle reader, know that I LOVE all things makeup.  But what you may not know is that I also have an intense love of nail polishes.  I'm not so much a fingernail polish girl, but more a toenail polish girl.  I love putting funky, bright & insane colors on my tootsies.  I don't think I have the most attractive feet, so anything I can do to pretty them up, I try.  On my fingernails, I mostly use OPI's Nail Envy & Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula #2.  I have the weakest most brittle fingernails & they constantly break, peel & crack.  So I'm adverse to wearing any color on fingers.  The Nail Envy & Nailtiques works pretty well in strengthening my nails & helping them grow to considerable (at least for me) lengths.  I layer these two over one another & I think it's the combination of the two that really works.
I've lately been obsessed with Zoya Nail Polishes.  I've never tried them & I don't own a single bottle of Zoya.  But I really really want to.  In looking at their website, I'm amazed at not only the range of colors they have, but the depth & originality of their colors.  Right now, I'm coveting their entire Reverie collection and several of their duochrome colors.  But in browsing on their site tonite....I came upon an entirely new idea in purchasing polishes.  Zoya has come up with what they call "Color Spoons".  Here is what their website says about this innovative item:

What's a Zoya Color Spoon?

Zoya Color Spoons are clear plastic, spoon shaped devices with actual nail polish poured in the nail shaped tip. Before you order a bottle of a color you are not sure of, order a color spoon of that color instead. You can order as many (or as few) colors as you would like. When you receive the Zoya Color Spoons, simply hold them up to your nails and see what the actual color will look like on your nails as though you applied 2 coats and a clear top coat. You never have to worry about ordering the wrong color again.
Genius, right?!?!  I've ordered several of these color spoons & once I receive them, I will take pictures & review them here.  The cool thing about ordering these spoons is this (once again, taken from Zoya's website):
So how much are the Zoya Color Spoons?  Well they are basically FREE. When you place an order for Zoya Color Spoons you are charged $0.50 per spoon, but as soon as your order is invoiced and ships you will receive an email with a personalized promo code for a discount in the amount equal to the amount you spent on spoons to be taken against you next order.You can use your coupon code towards the purchase of the real color you want to buy or any merchandise on our websites. You can even use it to buy additional color spoons.

How awesome is that!  Are you dying for these?  What do you think of this concept?  Does this make you want to order from Zoya?  Let me know in the comments!!!

Now, go to the website & snatch some up for yourself!!


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