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Monday, September 27, 2010

Fragile High Heels

I went to a friend's housewarming party on Saturday.  Jackie is a very dear friend of mine & I've known her since I went into my church's "rehab" Discipleship program  seven & a half years ago.  She was the very first person I met & we've been "Sistergirl" to each other ever since.  She threw a housewarming/birthday party for her husband.  My husband, my mom, her boyfriend & also a dear friend of ours all rode together over there.  We had a great time & there was awesome food, fellowship, music & laughter.  Jackie & I also work together, well we did until May when my doctor took me off on disability leave.  I was getting awful Facebook messages & text messages from a few of the girls that I work with, but Jackie had my back, just like she always does.  I had incorrectly assumed that she had invited those people along with several others from work and truth be told, I was hesitant to go.  But only a few people from work came.  So it was an enjoyable evening.  This is what I wore to the party.

Meow Pampered Puss foundation in Sleek Chausie
Aromaleigh Ultra Resolution Finishing Powder in Translucent


  • Aromaleigh Pink Fingers (from the L'Orchidee collection) lash to browbone
  • Aromaleigh High Heels (from the Holiday Blast collection) over Pixie Epoxy inner third of lid, inner V & tear duct
  • Aromaleigh Fragile Charms (from the Les Papillons collection) patted on also over Pixie Epoxy middle & outer thirds of lid
  • Aromaleigh Elegie (from the En Pointe collection) in crease & outer V

For mascara I used Buxom Lash & Clinique High Impact mascaras on top lashes only.  I then used Stila Convertible Mascara on just my lower lashes.

So what do you think??  Do you have Elegie??  It is one of my favorite colors & want to use it every day!!
Have you ordered anything from Aromaleigh's Final Clearance sale??  Let me know in the comments!!



  1. What a pretty look! I love the highlight color you used!

  2. Thank you sweetie!! I'm not sure if you like Pink Fingers or High Heels. Either way, I love both of those colors so much!! Pink Fingers is more frosty with tiny shimmer whereas High Heels is super sparkly with a gold-ish duochrome.

    Thanks for your comment!!!