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Friday, August 27, 2010

Killer Kitty

Well, I got some fabulousness in my mail today!!!  I recently placed an order with UV Kitty/Killer Cosmetics for some eyeshadow samples (9 to be exact) and received them today *yay*  Here is a list of the colors I got.  The color descriptions are taken from Killer Cosmetics' website:

  • Black The RipperA rich, deep opaque black with a hint of green lustre. 
  • Forty WhacksA bright, shimmering opaque pink with peach undertones and a faint blue/purple glimmer.
  • Soylent GreenA bright, shimmering opaque lime green with a hint of yellow sugar.
  • Crystal Lake ~ A deep, bottomless blue-green, with a high shimmer and green sparkle. This is a rich shade that applies opaque. 
  • Deadly Nightshade ~ A smokey purple with hint of blue and red shimmer.
  • Frog's Breath ~ A Smokey, Neutralized green, Deep like a Forest, but with a Rich Turquoise and Yellow Shimmer.
  • Leatherface ~ A super shimmery and opaque mocha-gold with a yellow base, neutralized slightly as not to clash with the natural pinks and yellow bases of skin tones. This shade is prismatic and deep and has a multicolored shimmer.
  • Old Lace ~ A bright, opaque and shimmery off-white, neutralized with golden and orange shimmer.
  • The Overlook ~ A bright, super opaque powder blue with a slight sheen.
I must tell you, I am SOO impressed with this company.  I also ordered Lady Killer (a bright, opaque true purple with hints of blue & pink shimmer), but the owner sent a note along with my order letting me know that they did not have Lady Killer samples in stock so they sent me a FULL SIZE Frog's Breath.  Can you believe that?!?!  Not just another sample in another color ~ a full size eye shadow!!!  All of these were wrapped in the cutest leopard print tissue paper & there were some extra goodies in the package as well.  Take a look:

I LOVE this color!!!!

And of course, gentle reader, I swatched these lovelies for you.  Did you think I wouldn't?  Feast thine eyes:
**These were taken inside with flash**

**These were taken outside with natural light no flash**

I think my favorites so far are 40 Whacks, Deadly Nightshade, Crystal Lake & Frog's Breath.  These apply so smooth & appear somewhat creamy in texture.  I love these shadows, I love this Company and I love the way it's operated & run.  OH!!  This company is based in Ontario, Canada.  I ordered on August 21st, received a shipping notice on August 23rd & received them today, August 27th.  That is insanely fast even for a company here in the States.  But for one who is based in Canada?!?!?!  Almost unheard of!!
Do I think these eye shadows are high quality? Yes I absolutely do.  The packaging is high quality as well.
Would I recommend this company to others?  Without a doubt.  The personalized service.  Going above & beyond for an out-of-stock sample.  The cute little extras & the finishing touches.
Would I purchase from this company again?  I will actually be placing my second order this weekend with them to get some of the other "bolder" colors.

Which colors are your favorites?  Have you tried Killer Cosmetics??  Let me know in the comments what you think of these delightful shadows!!!!  Go visit the website ~

XOXO, me!


  1. I want to try this company! Frog's Breath looks gorgeous. I love horror movies and find serial killers fascinating (lol I know I'm a creep), so I love the creative names. Thanks for the swatches!

  2. Heather, I promise you will not be disappointed with Killer Cosmetics. And I'm with you, I'm completely fascinated with horror movies & zombies, so one of the big selling points with me WAS their shadow names. Don't you just love them!!