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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Help Me Get to 100 Followers & I'll Have My First Giveaway!!!

My friend Kesha, over at her blog:, is having a giveaway this month.  The prize is a full sized Bare/Rare Minerals Triple Action Eye Cream & she will be choosing a winner on August 30th.  So, she gave me an idea.  I would like to ask for your help, gentle reader, in pimping me out & helping me get to 100 followers.  When that happens, as a thank you, I will have a giveaway as well.  Of astronomic proportions!!!!  But it will be a mystery giveaway.  There will be several beauty products in this giveaway, some full-sized & some trial/sample size.  Maybe I'll give away a full size Philosophy Shower Gel.  Maybe I'll give away generous samples of eye shadows & blushes.  Maybe some mini-size mascaras.  Brand new lip glosses.  Maybe some FULL SIZE eye shadows!!!!  Perhaps I'll be feeling especially generous and pick more than one winner!!
Would you help me??  Please??  To enter, please invite someone (or several someones) to follow my blog.  Once you have done that, please post in the comments of this post letting me know that you have invited someone.  Even YOU could be the new follower ~ post that in the comments of this post as well.  Once we reach 100 followers, I will enter all the names on to choose a winner (or three!!).  Sound like fun???
I want to thank you for following me.  You have no idea how much I cherish each & every one of you.  And how very grateful & thankful I am for you.  I would like to show you how much with this giveaway.  I torture you with my sorta insane ramblings & thoughts.  It's only fair that I reward you, right!?


  1. Thank you Romelyn!! I am so happy you're following me. You are entered into the giveaway. Good luck!!

  2. Yay! I'm a new follower!! This sounds great, thank you!
    Jen R
    jryder416 at yahoo dot com

  3. Hi!!!! I'm your new follower via GFC as Victoria and I'd like to enter in this giveaway!

    I love to see swatches, so please, keep doing more posts of that type :)

    I hope the giveaway will help your blog to be known by more people!


  4. Jennifer & Victoria:
    Thank you both so much for following my blog!! I appreciate it more than you can know. I have entered you both into my giveaway ~ good luck!!!

  5. Hi,Shayne. I saw your plea over on FB,and have become your new follower through GFC. I too know what it's like to want tons of followers,and when I do have 100 like I know you will, I will also be doing a gigantic giveaway. Anyway, I don't even really care if I win, just want you to get to 100, because I know how much it must mean to you! Take care!

  6. Im following you! (thanks to Starlight)

  7. Mrs Stephens, Starlight & Pawssies:
    Thank you so much for following my blog!! I appreciate it more than you could ever know!! All three of you have been entered into my giveaway!!