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Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Halloween Collections!!!!

OK so this post will contain all of the MMU companies that I know of that have recently released special kits/colors/products for Halloween.  For some reason I love Halloween ~ I know as a Christian I'm not supposed to.  Before I became a follower of Jesus, I was heavily involved in the occult, witchcraft & the like.  I'm not proud of fact, I'm ashamed that I was like that for so long.  I was raised in an atheist household & my father was into Satanic "things".  I won't go into further details.  So, I do know what does happen in those types of "groups" on Halloween.  It's serious business & I for one am so glad that I am now on the side of the Light.  But I still love Halloween :-}.  So here's the list!

Meow Cosmetics:
Miss Tammy has not only released a brand new collection, Alien Abduction, but has brought back all of her Halloween collections from recent years.  They are: Dance of Death, Frightening Foundations, Halloween Zombies & the much coveted Friday the 13th collection.

The boys at Fyrinnae have finally launched their highly anticipated Dia de los Muertos collection.  These colors are absolutely gorgeous, intricate & complex.

Glamour Doll Eyes:
GDE has just released two 4-piece sets for Halloween.  LE Halloween Set 1 & LE Halloween Set 2.  To be honest, I've not tried GDE yet, but I plan on placing orders for samples of both of these sets within the next week or two.

Suds & Sass:
Elizabeth over at S&S released what I think are the CUTEST Halloween items & sets this year.  She has 3 makeup sets & 8 bath and body products.
Makeup Sets: Autumn Kit, Halloween Kit, and the Halloween Gloss Kit.
Bath/Body: Cupcake Soap, Vermont Maple Syrup Leaf Soap, Pumpkin Cheesecake Soap, Boolicious Sugar Bubbles, Caramel Apple Crunch Sugar Bubbles, Death by Cupcake Sugar Bubbles, Trick or Treat Sugar Bubbles & Witches Brew Sugar Bubbles.

High Voltage Cosmetics:
HVC has two Halloween collections & they look smashing!!!  Check them out here.

Evil Shades:
They have some of the most delicious shades ever and their Halloween collection is no exception.  The collection includes 6 new eye shadow shades, a new shade of Liquid Sin lip gloss & a very cool glow in the dark nail polish.  Go check it all out here.

Darling Girl Cosmetics:
This company has some of the most beautiful eye shadows.  They have a pretty good size Halloween "collection" and I am particularly enamored with their new Goblin Layering Gloss.  Check out the new collection here.

Morgana Cryptoria:
Formerly Morgana Minerals, they have brought out their 2010 Haunted Eyes collection onto a newly revamped website.  The site looks really cool and Haunted Eyes looks so purtiful!  Check it out here.

Hi-Fi Cosmetics:
Veronica over at Hi-Fi has put together a beautiful collection of eye shadows & lip glosses for Halloween this year.  And you all know how much I love Hi-Fi!!  Check out her Nightmare 2010 Collection.  She's also created the following Lip Glazes for the holiday: Redrum, Phantasm & Monster Mash.

Cheri over at Orglamix has released a four eye shadow set for Halloween.  Check out the colors here.

Which collections are you coveting?  Which ones will you be ordering from?  Are there any that I've missed that you know about??  Tell me in the comments!!


  1. Another Halloween loving Christian here. I refuse to let the devil have all the fun on October 31.

  2. Amen, my sister!!! Excellent way to look at it! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!