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Friday, October 15, 2010

Concrete Minerals

I received some eye shadows from the lovely Emily over at Concrete Minerals.  I chose to purchase her Youtube Guru & Blogger Love listing which included 4 sample size eye shadows.  I selected the following: Wicked, Smut, Prude & Strobelight.  I ordered on September 30th & received my package on October 11th.  Fairly normal turn-around time in the MMU world.  I swatched the colors for you, Gentle Reader....did you think I wouldn't??  Check it out...

**The following pictures were taken inside with flash**

Here are Emily's descriptions of the four colors that I chose (descriptions taken from her shop):
  • Wicked ~ (bright purple with aquamarine shift)
  • Strobelight ~ (Chrome silvery-blue) This steel blue reminds us of a disco ball! Makes a stunning accent, especially with darker contours.
  • Prude ~ (Pale shimmery pink) The perfect highlighter to brighten-up any look! Try below the browbone or on the inside corners of eyes!
  • Smut ~ (Dirty silver with pink-purple undertones) It’s impossible to get the beauty of this incredible color to show-through in photos. “Smut” seems to be an instant favorite of anyone who even glances at it! This shadow looks just as good on as it does in the jar (and it looks reeeeally good in the jar) and compliments every color eye!

 **The following pictures were taken outside in sunlight with no flash**

Emily's eyeshadows are incredibly pigmented & blend very well.  Smut is much more complex in person than in the photos.  It really isn't a brown shade, but more of a purplish maroon with a pink shift/duochrome.  It's my favorite out of the four that I purchased.  I was very happy with Concrete & will be purchasing more colors in the future.
Have you tried Concrete Minerals?  Do you like them?  What do you think of the colors I chose?  Let me know in the comments!!!


  1. I'd never heard of Concrete Minerals before... and I don't want to look! Loving smut a lot.

  2. Smut is absolutely gorgeous ~ it appears to be about 3 colors in differing lights. Brown, purple & a scrumptious dark dirty pink if that makes any sense. However, I wore Wicked today and the aqua shift against the bright purple is amazing & played well off of my hazel eyes.
    Thank you for taking the time to comment ~ I hope you are feeling better today :)