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Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Insurmountable Miss Kat Von D!!

I only started recently using Kat Von D cosmetics ~ like hmmmm November ~ and I must say I was hesitant at first because I didn't want to succumb to the hype surrounding this brand.  However, I dig all things tattoo, so I started with an eyeshadow duo:
Confessional was a step out of my normal color choice as it is "safe".  But I am glad that I chose this as my trial run.  It is a beautiful neutral & doesn't look dull or painted on.  The right side is a sort of golden satin.  The left side is a brighter gold with sparks of silver interference throughout.  Applies & blends superbly.

So, having tried this golden burst of cheer, I decided to venture into her lip glosses & eyeliners.  My next set of purchases:
This was a very pleasant surprise.  Romantico is a deep golden sage green.  Far from neutral, yet tame enough not to be called a bright-liner.  It's not matte or flat, it is shimmery & substantial.  The brush doesn't skip when applied to the top lashline.  And once it dries, there is very minimal smudging, transference or fading.  This is my new favorite liquid liner, and I'm a hard-won customer when it comes to liquid.  The bottle is pretty cool, too!

Next, we have the lip glosses.  And you all know how I LOVE lipgloss.  These are not your daughter's Lip Smackers.  These are grown-up glosses:
Now, don't get me wrong when I say "grown-up".  Definitely not boring.  Bam is a gorgeous shimmery light plum, with plum & pink reflective sparkle.  I love love love the feel of this gloss on my lips.  It's not sticky or tacky, but if you are driving with the window down, your hair will get kinda stuck.  It just makes my lips feel good.  And it gives a perfect tint to them - not too pink, not too plum.  I am so glad I picked this color.  It looks more grape in the picture but the swatch on my hand is pretty close to the actual color.  Divine!!
Now, Saint, my lovelies, is a MUST HAVE!  It is somewhat opaque, but oh my goodness, is this color amazing!  It's a cream colored base with gold & a little pink shimmer interference.  But when you apply it, it wakes up your entire face & makes your eyes sparkle.  Honest!!  I get excited when I reach for this color, and I promise you will too.
So, today, on my foray to Sephora, I purchased two more Eyeshadow Duos:
King Cobra is an amazing green.  Again, the right side is a bright forest green velvet.  The left side is a lighter grass green with sparks of gold & silver.  The darker green looks amazing blended into the crease over Confessional & I take the lighter grass green and pat it on over my iris, just a small amount, and it really brought out the green in my eyes.  These greens are clear & bright, not muddy at all.  If you adore green this duo is a must have for you.  I've had my eye on this color for a while, so I was glad it was still available at the sale price.
Now, Believe is one of those colors that I fell instantly in love with when I spotted it on the display.  I hadn't ever noticed this color in her collection before.  This duo is just yummy.  The right side is a bright white frost.  The left side is a silver shimmer with white sparks throughout.  Now, I've only swatched this one on my arm.  But let me tell you, just like the others, it applies easily, blends like a dream and like with Confessional & King Cobra, as long as you apply your Primer Potion or Prime Time first, there is minimal creasing & fallout.  This duo would look superb on the inner corners & on the tear ducts. I can't wait to wear this one ~ it just screams "Ice Queen"!!
In case you haven't guessed, I am a Kat Von D convert.  I will be going back for more glosses & had my eye on her mascara today.  I imagine it won't be too long before I share my reviews on that.
Tomorrow, I will be sharing, swatching & showing, my collection of the MAC Holiday Pigment sets from this past season.  Adore!!

Until then, you are beautiful!  Pass it on!!

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